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jQuery Edge: Live Events now with Data

1 min read

In jQuery 1.3.3 1.4 the .live() method will have the ability to pass data along just like you might do with .bind(). The .bind() (and now .live()) method takes an optional second argument called “data”. The data can then be accessed within the event handler by using the property. Here is what the code would look like to use this feature.

// The data
var eventConfig = {
    selectedClass: "selected"

$("li").live("click", eventConfig, function( event ) {
    // Retreive selectedClass from the event data
    var selectedClass =;

    // Toggle the class amongst the siblings
    $(this).addClass( selectedClass )
        .siblings().removeClass( selectedClass );

So in the previous example, trivial as it may be, each time you click an “li” element the selected class defined in the eventConfig is assigned to the clicked element and removed from the siblings.